Lolita Lempicka Gourmandises website

11:34 PM

I learned a few days ago that my favourite stylist, Lolita Lempicka launched a collection of organic teas, cookies and jams. I'm a very "organic" girl so immediatly had a look to her website, and what an amazing surprise It was, That's the most beautiful website I have ever seen !
And her products are also great. Spirit delicate boudoir, with the the tea " Beautiful in the wood of licorice " or still the " Treatment of shock " way organic Lolita: some dark chocolate in the brightness of caramelized macaroons.
The packaging is faithful to the style of the creator, between mini limp in hat and caskets way case pastel. About ten products organic 100 % which make salivate. But are these great caskets cardboard recyclable, you will say to me? Well yes. Beautiful and organic, I said!

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