Petit Pan

11:47 PM

I'm not a mom yet but I already know where I would go when I will be searching some unique decorations for my kid's bedroom, at "Petit Pan", a lovely shop in Montmartre, Paris. The owners of this shop wanted to make relive a home-made tradition and conceive a universe in which they wanted to live with their children. There's also a great selection of vintage objects, tricycles, strollers, shool chairs...

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  1. elisabeth, you photo of how these items glow is so charming. i'd love to use it on my blog. would you be okay with that? of course, i will point back to your blog.

  2. Love the seahorse light!

  3. My wife and I love it all, so what is the name of the shop??

  4. So where can I get one of the seahorse lanterns? Love your stuff!


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