Laeticia and Romain's wedding - The couple session

2:36 AM

Laeticia and Romain wanted their couple session to take place near Thilay, their village in the heart of the countryside. I would never imagine to find such a beautiful place there, It just look like a fairy tale landscape, too bad It's too far from my hometown, I would have love to come back there regularly to shoot there ! Once again, this couple made this session a great moment !

A bride and groom in front of a river

A bride and groom in front of a river in France

Bride's foot in a river

A bride with a bouquet in front of a river

Rings on a plant
Fun wedding couple photography with photobooth accessories

A bride and a groom next to a tree in a forest

A bride and a groom in a forest in France

A bride and groom at the top of a mountain in France

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  1. Une énième fois merci Elisabeth pour cette belle après-midi où tu nous as permi de prolonger un peu le rêve !!!Tu as sublimé notre village et nous avec... Bises Laetitia

  2. Merci à vous pour votre gentillesse, ce mariage est un super souvenir pour moi comme l'a été celui d'Aurélie. Bon maintenant la prochaine étape, c'est un bébé ! Je vous souhaite à toutes les deux de connaitre ce bonheur bientôt.

  3. aaah what a beautiful photos dear :)
    nice blog! maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)


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